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  • It is with more than a THANK YOU to Yolonda!! On Saturday, May 29, 2015, after visiting other family member at the Chapel of the Chimes, I stopped by your offices. I request the location of a family member, Myron and Bettie Shelton. Yolonda assisted me far and beyond. She had located a "Shelton" in the Garden of Light, west. Yolonda walked with me to visit my cousin and her husband. We located the sight and found that there were no inscriptions on the books. We both thought that strange. She asked me to call her back and she would do some research. Research she did!! She found that my cousin Bettie and Myron were actually buried in the Garden of Honor. The first sight turns out to be my second cousin, Steven Shelton, before need. Yolanda telephoned me and explained why we were not able to locate the correct sight. I want to thank Yolonda so very much. She is not only a nice person to speak with, but she is most courteous and well, just plain delightful. THANK YOU YOLANDA FOR YOUR EFFORTS. R"D" P Note: Nearly my entire family on my mother's side, is at the Chapel of the Chimes, Hayward.
  • Lisa, Our family wants to thank you. Everything went very smooth all because of you. The service was beautiful and the songs you provided were perfect. Thank you for the cd. Even making the arrangements, you were so helpful and pleasant. without a doubt this is your calling. God Bless you M & D.H
    M & D.H
  • I was helped by Eziguel who of his own volition offered to raise my mother's grave as it had sunk so deep I would not get the vase out. He put clean sand all around her grave and even put the flowers in the vase for me. ( I am disabled) He is a very kind, valuable employee and I would like a note to go in his file.
  • Dear Harry and the Chapel of the Chimes - Thank you for your donation to The Springstone School's sugar skull activity day! Our students love this activity and it helps to foster their skills for spatial orientation, fine motor coordination, problem solving, and creativity. Currently the Springstone School serves students 6th through 12th grade. Springstone's mission is to foster independence, self worth and a sense of community in preparation for high school and the years beyond through small structured classrooms and an integrated teaching approach.
  • Nancy - I was so appreciated all you did for MC, and the way you handled all the details.
  • Thank you sooooo much Nancy...I'm happy it worked out to where you were able to help us in the end...a blessing indeed! Thank you again, I know my Mother is more at peace.
  • Dear Mr. Russell, I want you to know how grateful I'm to meet Mrs. Nancy Wargo in the most difficult time in my life, passing of my father. She was so courteous, helpful, personal, always there for me with advice, giving me a different options, always called me back in a timely manner! I asked her for your email. When you meet someone extraordinary, like Mrs. Nancy, who is going extra mile for you when you most vulnerable, you want her supervisor to know what a wonderful employee he has.
  • Dear Mister Lighthall, I would like to thank you for the good job that you did in helping me to finalize the internment of my father, R.V.Jr., cremains. Chapel of the Chimes is fortunate to have you as an employee
    R.V. III
  • Dear Dan - Words cannot express our gratitude for all the kindness and assistance you have extended to our family. You have made the funeral arrangements and our grieving process more bearable. We will not forget the processional and caring manner you accorded to our family. Thank you!
  • Dear Tom, Raymond and Staff - The B. family wishes to extend our deepest gratitude for your help, all your support and respect you showed us in honoring out Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt, B.B.
    The B. Family