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Birth Date: December 19, 1999
Death Date: April 5, 2018

Nathaniel Prasad, at the age of 18, passed away Thursday, April 5, 2018 with his mom as a witness in Fremont, CA.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at the Chapel of Chimes in Hayward, CA.

Nathan was born on Sunday, December 19, 1999 in Hayward CA, welcomed with love by his mother Evelyn, his father Daniel, and brother Dylan Prasad.

Nathan’s big smile, and goofy personality always lit up the room. He was an Honor Roll student with perfect attendance. In High School, Nathan sadly found out at a doctor’s appointment, due to his eye condition, Keratoconus, he had lost all vision in his left eye. He was also told there was a good chance he could lose sight in his right eye as well. Nathan saw many doctors, all said nothing could be done. Two years later, Dr. Holsclaw conducted an eye transplant, with three subsequent eye surgeries, which unfortunately failed. Even after enduring all of this, Nathan never lost hope, and was patiently anticipating another eye donor.

Nathan loved to sing and write. He loved a wide variety of music, from listening to rap artists like Kodak Black, to singing Bollywood songs, and even sometimes Taylor Swift and Jay Sean.

One of Nathan’s favorite pastimes was sports. He played on Hayward’s football and basketball teams. He loved the Oakland Raiders, would stay updated on the latest Raider news, and went to Raider games with his dad. Dwayne Wade and Tom Brady were two of Nathan’s favorite athletes.

Nathan was involved with many social issues and after the Trayvon Martin case, Nathan closely started to follow the Black Lives Matter movement and he attended many rallies and protests.

Similar to all boys his age, Nathan loved playing Madden and watching comedies on Netflix. His favorite shows were Daredevil, a show about a blind superhero, and Dragon Ball Z, which inspired his hair style. One of his favorite movies was Dostana and he loved singing along to it with his brother Dylan.

Nathan had just graduated High School and was eagerly awaiting to get his cap and gown. Like every other 18 year old, he was excited about choosing a college and a career to pursue. He was a social young man who was able to get along with everyone he met, in all different walks of life. After all he had been through, his family was very proud of his courage and bravery in overcoming his disability and moving towards his dreams.

Nathan will be terribly missed; he was very loved by his family and friends. He had so much to live for and so much left to experience. His loved ones will remember him as a vibrant young man who was full of life, whose contagious personality could brighten any room. Nathan was always known to have the last word, today we are saying it for him…

“I look up at the stars and smile because I know you’re somewhere smiling back.”

Funeral Service
April 14, 2018
1:30 pm
Chapel of the Chimes- Mission Chapel
32992 Mission Blvd. Hayward, CA 94544
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Witness Cremation
April 14, 2018
3:30 pm
Chapel of the Chimes
32992 Mission Boulevard Hayward, CA 94544
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  1. Nathaniel rest in piece!!

    Written by: Renee Avila

    With heartfelt condolences. My Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family!! Nathaniel may you rest in piece!

  2. Rest in Peace

    Written by: Ballinger Manger

    There will be emptiness that can’t be filled, but our prayers and thoughts are with the family.

  3. Mummy, Papa, Dylan, and Bo

    Written by: Danny

    Not a second goes by that we don’t think of you, and miss you. You were the cutest little round faced baby. You were our “Jingu” Nathan. We wish we could hold you tight, and never let go. You were always a Daredevil, I remember as a kid we wanted to put a helmet on you, because you would always run into things, by accident, and on purpose, like crashing your bicycle into your grandparents fence. You could always make everyone laugh. You were one of a kind. We know your in Heaven, free, able to see with both eyes open, and playing with Bobo. Will see you soon, love always, your Mummy, Papa, Dylan, and Bo.

  4. Rose Fua

    Written by: Rose Fua

    There’s nothing I want more is for this just be a really bad dream and wake up to your contiguous smile. Our family will never be complete without you Nathan. I can sit here and write about you all day. But all I want is that God take a care of you up there. Always know how much I loved you like my own son. My heart aches so much for you Nathan. We will meet again one day but for now enjoy your time in Heaven with Mata. Love you Nathan. RIP.

  5. My Nithun

    Written by: Stephanie Fua

    Nithun- Your Papa always said you and I were twins; same weird personality, laziness, always had to have the last word in every conversation. You were always my favorite (don’t tell Dylan!). I will miss singing Cry Me A River with you. I remember how much you loved Jay Sean and had to have your hair exactly like his with the same hairline. Remember how many times you would sing Down? You were the only one of the kids who would embrace being Indian and ate with your hands; Papa always said you took after Aja on that one. I remember none of us could handle changing your diaper and we would hand you over to Mata (lol); you were our stinky, hairy Nathan. It’s teally hard to say goodbye, so I won’t. I will see you soon; please watch over us. You’re forever going to be in our hearts and memories.

    Love you, stinky Nithun.

  6. Life’s going to be tough without you in my life Nathan. You were there for me whenever I needed you. Every time I called or asked you to come over you would drop everything you did to come to me. I’m going to miss you being goofy and making me laugh. This last year and a half was blessing because you were in it to create memories with. I’m never going to forget you and that cute smile of yours. You’ll forever be missed my love.

  7. Only God Can Judge Me

    Written by: Uncle Justin

    Nathan, you were one cool dude that always had me laughing. From the short time I knew you from playing basketball, to playing Madden (even though you beat me), to even talking while driving, I really enjoyed your company. You will be well missed. Keep smiling and watch over us from above.

  8. Nathan Prasad,
    I am so painfully disturbed about how this all happened. I love you so much and I miss you a ton. You were such a goofy person. I will forever be thankful for all of the memories we were able to create together. You were such a supporting friend. When I needed someone you would be there asap. You were such an amazing person and it upsets me that some people didn’t see that. We will meet again. Until then, please watch over me and guide me through my life.

  9. Rose Fua, Justin, Sahil, Salina, Suraj and Aarav will miss u so much Nathan. I pray your soul rests in peace. You were such a mind, loving, goofy kid. We shared many happy memories together which we will cherish forever. We love you so much Nathan. And not a day will go by that you are not in our thoughts. GOD bless you Nathan.

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