The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience, whether it follows a long illness or happens suddenly.   

For some, death after a long illness may be harder to bear because the suffering is prolonged. It’s extremely painful to see someone you love suffer, especially if you powerless to help. Being a caregiver for someone who is terminally ill can also be very stressful. Even the most resilient people may find themselves feeling overwhelmed or anxious, or experience physical symptoms such as headaches, body aches, weight gain or loss, or difficulty sleeping.  

If you’re caring for a terminally ill loved one, it’s important that you reach out to others for support and that you take care of yourself.  

On the other hand, sometimes it’s easier to cope when you have time to prepare for a loved one’s death. If he or she is sick for a long time, you have the opportunity to say goodbye. You can also make plans, not just for how you will spend the rest of the time you have together, but also for how your loved one wants to be honored after death. In many ways, knowing your time together is limited can be a gift because it pushes you to make the most of every day you have left.  

Of course, death is an inevitability for all of us, whether we’re suffering from a terminal illness or not. Coming to terms with the fact that you will one day die is a healthy and beneficial step, and so is preplanning your own final arrangements. When you preplan, you’re prepared, no matter what the cause of death may be. 

Be sure to use our free preplanning guide when you’re ready to get started. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want, and your family won’t have to deal with the 100+ decisions and demands for information that must be handled immediately after your death. Call Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 400-4442 for more information or click here to get your free preplanning guide.