One of the wonderful things about modern life is the connection afforded us by technology. We live in a society with the technology to link people who are continents apart, and it’s easy to connect even across many miles. Have you considered, though, how this technology might be used for a funeral?

Funerals are not easy events to coordinate. Death is often unexpected, and plans must be shifted to accommodate funeral services. People who loved the person who died often have to travel, sometimes at great expense. Even those friends and family members who live locally have to take time off of work and those with small children need to find babysitters.

An amazing technological advancement in the funeral industry is the ability to webcast a funeral. Through a webcast, even people who aren’t able to make it to the service can feel a part of it. Of course, not every funeral home has this technology, but many do, so it’s definitely worth asking. Even if the funeral home can’t handle the webcast, you may know someone who can. Ask people in your circle. There’s a good chance someone will have the knowledge and equipment to do this.

If a webcast isn’t a possibility, consider hiring a videographer to capture the event. Having a recording of the funeral service can be comforting, and loved ones who were not there can watch it and feel included. Be sure to hire a professional who understands the unique circumstances and will be discreet and respectful.

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