In recent years, funerals have tended to be less traditional. Although the changes are welcome in many ways, it’s still important to incorporate religious tradition if your loved one’s faith was an important part of his or her life. So don’t be afraid to buck the trend.  

It may be helpful to talk to a member of the clergy to help you with: 

  • Selecting songs 
  • Choosing readings 
  • Planning the order of the service 
  • Incorporating religious symbolism and touches 
  • Choosing speakers and other participants 
  • Choosing a grave marker that’s representative of your loved one’s faith 

Of course, if you’re a person for whom faith is important, you can make sure your beliefs are represented in your own final arrangements by preplanning. When you preplan, you have control over every detail of your service, from the songs, readings and speakers to your final resting place. Preplanning also lifts a burden from your family so they don’t have to answer difficult questions at an already stressful time in their lives. Knowing you’ve put a plan in place, they can be confident of your wishes and concentrate on mourning your loss.  

Since 1872, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward has built a reputation for quality, sincerity and trust in planning meaningful services for people from all religious and cultural backgrounds. We can help you plan a faith-centered funeral, or you can visit our Plan Ahead page for your free preplanning guide.  

Planning your own funeral means your loved ones will have the peace of mind they need when the time comes — and our guide will help you get everything in one place so your grieving family won’t be burdened with decision-making when the time comes. Call us at (510) 400-4442 for more details or get your free preplanning guide here.