More people these days are choosing to preplan for their end-of-life arrangements, and it just makes sense. After all, you plan ahead for every other aspect of your life, from weddings to vacations to college to retirement, so why not make plans for your final celebration?

When you preplan, you ensure that your wishes are carried out. You also make it easier on your family during a stressful time. Loved ones won’t have to wonder what you would have wanted or worry that they’re getting it wrong. Instead, they can move on to the important business at hand and begin the healing process. The funeral home can help you with funeral pre-planning services, but it’s helpful if you think about a few aspects so you’ll have an idea of how you want your memorial to be.

Do you want a visitation or wake?

When it comes to planning your own funeral, there are no strict rules. You may specify arrangements for a visitation, or you may prefer to leave it out altogether. Consider whether a visitation before the funeral would offer comfort to your loved ones. If you do want a wake or visitation, you could specify an open or closed casket.

Do you want to be cremated or buried?

If you aren’t sure what you would prefer, consider asking a spiritual leader or funeral director for guidance. There are many options for both, and your funeral director will be able to help you make an informed decision.

What style of casket or urn do you want?

Once you’ve chosen between burial and cremation, you’ll want to decide on the type of casket or urn. For example, you may want a polished wooden or metal casket. You may choose an urn that will be interred or placed into a niche or columbarium. You can also choose a cremation bench or boulder, or even keepsake cremation jewelry or art.

How do you want your funeral service to be conducted?

Decide whether you want a religious service held at a place of worship, a non-denominational service or a secular funeral service. You may specify the type of officiant and any preferences for music, readings or floral arrangements, as well as special services such as a dove release or a DVD tribute to reflect your personality and celebrate your life.

Preplanning a funeral at Hayward is a gift you can give your family and a good way to promote peace of mind. Contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 398-6922. Our compassionate funeral directors will help you ensure that your final wishes are carried out.