Losing a loved one is always difficult. Grief is painful, and it’s important to find constructive ways to work through our grief and begin to heal. To that end, we seek ways to honor our loved ones and keep their memories near to our hearts.

Memorial keepsakes are a wonderful way to do this, and there are several different types from which to choose:

  • Cremation jewelry contains a small amount of cremated remains. This is a beautiful way to hold your loved one close to your heart forever. Because it only uses a small part of the remains, more than one person can have a piece of this jewelry. This is wonderful for people with large families because each family member can carry this special memorial.
  • Fingerprint keepsakes feature the fingerprint of your loved one. Because fingerprints are unique to each person, this is a very special way to remember the touch of someone you love who has died.
  • Funeral candles are a meaningful keepsake. Lit first at the funeral, they can be saved, cherished and brought out on special days so you can light them and remember.
  • A Memory Box can be a wonderful way to let others share their memories of your loved one. You can gather trinkets, letters, cards and photos to keep in the box, but you can also place the box at the funeral and ask people to write down a memory to place inside.
  • There are many other memorial keepsakes from which to choose. Whether you choose lamps, wind chimes, stepping stones or Christmas ornaments, there are so many gifts to help you keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Keepsakes can be chosen in different situations.

  • If you’re preplanning your own funeral, you can arrange for them to be given to loved ones after your death. This is a thoughtful way to show you were thinking about the people you love and wanted them to have one last gift from you.
  • If you’re arranging a funeral, you can order them for yourself. When you do so, you get a memorial of your loved one that also reflects your style and personality,
  • If you know someone who has lost a loved one, you can give a keepsake as a gift. Giving someone a memorial gift shows that you are grieving with them and want to offer your support.

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we know how important it is to hold on to the memory of your loved one. From meaningful funeral services to treasured keepsakes, we can help you honor the life that was lived and begin your journey toward healing. Call (510) 454-9107 for more information about all we have to offer or to request a preplanning guide.