Funerals continue to evolve as our society changes. It’s impossible to know exactly what will happen next, but by evaluating trends we can get a fairly good idea.  

Here are some predictions from experts about the future of funerals:  

  • New traditions will be established. Increasingly, the focus will be on personalization, and people will move from the traditional funeral to memorial rituals.  
  • Families will become more involved. More people want to be a part of planning the funeral. They’ll want to do some things themselves, and there will be more intergenerational involvement, with grandchildren as well as children helping to make decisions.  
  • Simplicity will be important. There’s a push for more natural, less complicated funerals.  
  • There will continue to be a strong focus on celebrating life. Funerals will be more upbeat and celebratory of the life that was lived.  
  • Technology will play an even larger role. Online obituaries, live-streaming funerals and other technological features are continually growing in popularity. 
  • More people than ever will choose to preplan. Preplanning allows you to create the exact service you want and relieves your family of the burden of making hard choices during an already stressful time. Preplanning also locks in today’s prices for a future need.  

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