When you’re planning a funeral, there’s much to consider. Whether you have an immediate need or are preplanning for yourself, you’ll have to think about all the little details that make an end-of-life service meaningful. In addition to music and readings, a video tribute is one of the most wonderful ways to honor the person who has died.

As you go through the process of creating a video tribute, you will likely experience many memories. Choosing the photos and videos you’d like to have featured can be extremely moving and sometimes even cathartic.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary media, it’ll be assembled into a tribute designed to reflect the true personality of your loved one. It can be shown at the visitation, funeral and reception, or at all three to help people remember specific things about the person who has passed away. Seeing happy memories on the screen may even bring joy in the midst of grief, spark conversation and help people form connections that can help them along the path to healing.

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we know how important a life-honoring ceremony can be. We offer video tributes as one of our special services to help you honor the legacy of the person who has died and promote healing. Call us today at (510) 454-9107 to learn how we can help.