The baby boomer generation has always done things their own way, and as they age in the coming years, more will want to start making their own end-of-life arrangements.

In many ways, boomer funerals are more focused on personal expression than tradition. Among the most popular:

  • “Bespoke” funerals that are tailored to their personality: Rather than following a specific, traditional order of service, many baby boomers are looking for something totally unique. A service might incorporate audio-visual materials, mementos that reflect the person’s hobbies and interests, or special services such as a Harley hearse, a custom-built coffin, a dove release or even a Mariachi band. A champagne brunch might be preferred over a traditional reception.
  • Themed funerals: Themed funerals are becoming more common as the boomer generation makes its final plans. From boxing to fairytales to superheroes to Elvis, the themes may seem outrageous, but they’re chosen because they feel like a fun way to celebrate the person’s character and interests.
  • Increase in cremation: In 2016, cremation surpassed burial as an end-of-life option for the first time in the United States. With a population more mobile than past generations and less rooted in tradition, the U.S. can expect to see that trend continue in the coming years.
  • Cremation jewelry: With the rise of cremation comes a wide variety of memorialization options. Cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to keep a loved one close.
  • Celebrations instead of traditional mourning: Themed funerals, special services, and personalization make it clear that baby boomers want to celebrate life.

No matter what your generation, it’s important to preplan your own end-of-life arrangements. This ensures your wishes will be carried out as you would like and that your family won’t have to make hard choices during a stressful time.

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