Until the need arises, many people never give any thought to choosing a funeral home. It’s a task that’s easy to ignore, but waiting until a death has occurred to make this decision can be a mistake. After all, the funeral home you choose will be tasked with helping your family through an extremely personal and difficult time. A bit of research ahead of time can be so helpful for in the long run.

  • Consider your priorities. Is your family religious? Is there a location that’s important to you? Is there already a family plot within a cemetery? Think about your family’s values, beliefs, needs and wishes so that you can choose a convenient place that’s also a good fit.
  • Set a budget. Decide on a cost that is reasonable for your family and won’t cause hardship. Then comparison shop to learn which funeral homes in your area fit into that budget. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples: some funeral homes advertise low prices but provide far fewer personal touches than their competitors.
  • Look for a convenient location and research its reputation. It’s important to find a funeral home that doesn’t cause more stress to your family at an already difficult time. Look for one that most of the important people in your life can travel to without undue inconvenience, and do your homework to make sure it’s reputable. Check out reviews, contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure the licensure is in order.
  • Make sure the funeral home you choose provides the services you need. Especially if you have specific cultural or religious requirements for your end-of-life arrangements, it’s vitally important to find a funeral home that understands and meets your needs. Even if you are planning a fairly basic service, you might want to choose a funeral home with the convenience of everything in one place, from the cemetery to onsite cremation to a gathering place for the reception.
  • Find a funeral home that’s aesthetically pleasing. This may seem like a trivial consideration, but it’s really not. This is the place where people will gather to remember someone they love, both at the memorial service and, if the cemetery is adjacent, for many years to come.
  • Meet the staff to make sure you feel at ease with them. These people are going to be involved with your family in a very personal way, so choose a funeral home where you and your family will feel comfortable, with staff who will put you at ease during a difficult time.

When you preplan for your own funeral, you get to choose not just the funeral home but many other aspects of your end-of-life arrangements as well. You can also lock in today’s prices, which protects your family from inflation. Best of all, you’ll be alleviating stress by making your final wishes clear and relieving your loved ones from the responsibility of making difficult decisions while they’re grieving. Contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward today at (510) 400-8316 or visit our website to learn how our caring and compassionate staff can help with your preplanning needs.