About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Chapel of the Chimes Hayward provides end-of-life services to families with diverse religious, ethnic and cultural traditions.Our roots go back to 1872 – to the founding of a 7-acre cemetery in what is now Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. Today, our family of cemeteries, funeral homes and crematories is spread throughout Northern California – and offers the most comprehensive end-of-life services of any company operating exclusively in the region.

Our experience has given us a unique perspective. We understand the importance for people of all traditions to say “goodbye” in just the right way. And we believe that there is no greater privilege nor more satisfying human experience, than to draw friends and family together in a final celebration of a loved one’s life.

Our commitment is to help make all parts of this process easier – from gathering required information and handling necessary details, to creating a meaningful ceremony and memorial. We keep our promises , so that you can keep yours.

Our Valued Staff

Robin  Russell

Robin Russell, Sales Manager

Karee Korell

Karee Korell, Location Manager

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery, VP of Cemetery Development and Memorialization

Kris Lippincott

Kris Lippincott, Assistant Location Manager

Randy Rivera

Randy Rivera, Superintendent

Clayton Amundson

Clayton Amundson, Funeral Director

Amy  DuCharme

Amy DuCharme, Family Service Supervisor

Daniel  Flores

Daniel Flores, Family Service Supervisor

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones, Family Service Counselor

Lawrence  Kam

Lawrence Kam, Family Service Counselor

Jennifer Young Benson

Jennifer Young Benson, Family Service Counselor

Gale  Lighthall

Gale Lighthall, Family Service Counselor

Tyra Brodsky

Tyra Brodsky, Family Service Counselor

Nancy Mehler

Nancy Mehler, Family Service Counselor

Raymond  Kwong

Raymond Kwong, Family Service Counselor

Lucia Leyva

Lucia Leyva, Family Service Counselor

Tyrone Dangerfield

Tyrone Dangerfield, Family Service Counselor

Eric Tjon

Eric Tjon, Community Service Supervisor

Jose Duran

Jose Duran, Community Service Counselor

Josefina Figueroa

Josefina Figueroa, Community Service Counselor

Hooshang  Bastan

Hooshang Bastan, Community Service Counselor

Juanita V Lahip

Juanita V Lahip, Community Service Counselor

Evelyn Castro Bambao

Evelyn Castro Bambao, Community Service Counselor

Norman  Tutana

Norman Tutana, Community Service Counselor

Elsie  Robleza

Elsie Robleza, Community Service Counselor

Frank Villa

Frank Villa, Community Service Counselor

Esther Lazaga Claudio

Esther Lazaga Claudio, Community Service Advisor

Maria Lara

Maria Lara, Community Service Counselor

Jonathan Suazo

Jonathan Suazo, Community Service Counselor

Mauro 'Mar Monzon

Mauro 'Mar Monzon, Community Service Counselor

Dora  Lepe

Dora Lepe, Community Planning Supervisor

Jamie  Espitia

Jamie Espitia, Senior Care Center Specialist

Alice  Smith

Alice Smith, Care Center Specialist

William Brian Schenck

William Brian Schenck, Staff Associate

Rocio Regaldo

Rocio Regaldo, Staff Associate

Emily Frasquillo

Emily Frasquillo, Staff Associate

BriAnna Macrae

BriAnna Macrae, Staff Associate

Umata Lino

Umata Lino, Staff Associate

Lisa Knowland

Lisa Knowland, Staff Associate

Ofa Hoko

Ofa Hoko, Staff Associate

Nina Marley

Nina Marley, Staff Associate

Kristen K. Calvert

Kristen K. Calvert, Staff Associate

Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez, Staff Associate

Max S. Tsai

Max S. Tsai, Staff Associate

Milosh  Bell

Milosh Bell, Funeral Associate Supervisor

Alva Ochoa

Alva Ochoa, Funeral Associate

Wendell McCoy

Wendell McCoy, Funeral Associate

Beka  Jackson

Beka Jackson, Funeral Associate

Cindy Lewis

Cindy Lewis, Funeral Associate

Dave  Martin

Dave Martin, Funeral Associate

James  Campbell

James Campbell, Funeral Associate

Luiz Lopez

Luiz Lopez, Funeral Associate

Alberto Flores Jr

Alberto Flores Jr, Funeral Associate

MA Ramona Dionela

MA Ramona Dionela, Funeral Arranger

Susanna Vasquez

Susanna Vasquez, Funeral Arranger

Tinisha  Redmond

Tinisha Redmond, Sales Administrative Specialist

Ina Falenofoa

Ina Falenofoa, Receptionist

Sydney Jacques

Sydney Jacques, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Kathryn Rogers

Kathryn Rogers, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Akilah Ahmad

Akilah Ahmad, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

LaToya Green

LaToya Green, Clerical and Administrative Specialist

Shana Zajdel

Shana Zajdel, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Sarah Fritz

Sarah Fritz, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Mona Oliver

Mona Oliver, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Roy  Sanders

Roy Sanders, Clerical Administrative Specialist

Lahaina Morales

Lahaina Morales, Crematory Operator

Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch, Crematory Operator

Nancy Wargo

Nancy Wargo, Funeral Arranger

Amanda Dahl

Amanda Dahl, Funeral Arranger

Tram M. Mai

Tram M. Mai, Funeral Arranger

Linda McCloud

Linda McCloud, Funeral Arranger

Jose  Arreguin

Jose Arreguin, Cemetery Care Specialist

Antonio  Cano

Antonio Cano, Cemetery Care Specialist

Donald  Ferea

Donald Ferea, Cemetery Care Specialist

Ernesto Gonzolez

Ernesto Gonzolez, Cemetery Care Specialist

Rodolfo  Guzman

Rodolfo Guzman, Cemetery Care Specialist

Ezequiel  Juarez

Ezequiel Juarez, Cemetery Care Specialist

Julia  Villarreal

Julia Villarreal, Cemetery Care Specialist

Jose Luis Garcia

Jose Luis Garcia, Cemetery Care Specialist

Ricardo Hernandez Reynoso

Ricardo Hernandez Reynoso, Cemetery Caretaker

Ricardo Mora

Ricardo Mora, Cemetery Caretaker

Maury  Selvin

Maury Selvin, February 27th 1964 - September 11th 2012

A friend forever missed.

Manuel  Salazar

Manuel Salazar, Cemetery Caretaker